Sunday, March 15, 2009

You're gonna eat you're babies.


I woke up early this morning.
At 8:00 a.m i am already wide awakened.
I went outside and sit in our porch.
I saw my mom having a cup of coffee.
Ate My is cooking breakfast while Ate Arlene is doing something.

When the breakfast is already set-up my mom told me to eat so that the food is hot as well.
I didn't eat a very full breakfast.
I'm used to it.
And I'm lazy to eat.
I'll just grab cereals and drank my milk.

After breakfast. I started to do my stuff.
I went upstairs to make my reviewer in Social for the Unit Test.
I went downstairs to continue doing it.
And time really passed so fast.
We have our lunch. And after a very late lunch, I continue doing my reviewer.
Finally I finished doing it.
I freshen up a little bit. Went upstairs and get ready for the review in MAPEH.
It's going to be our Unit Test in MAPEH for tomorrow.
At the middle of my brain washing. I felt sleepy.

I took a little nap. Time passed.
I woke up 3:00. I am very hungry.
I went downstairs. My sister and my brother were watching t.v.
I craved for a pandan salad.Yumyum.
After eating snack, I went back into my brain washing session.
At 4:00 I am finished reviewing.
I grabbed my guitar and started playing it just for relaxation.
At 5:00 I grabbed my math notebook and started reviewing my notes.
Kuya Nonoy came home this afternoon and bought pizza.
The pizza tastes really great. YumYum.

Honestly, I was totally exhausted. I feel like my brain is going to popped out.
My mind is totally tired of thinking and thinking and thinking.
But I have to do it. I have to review my lesson.
So all in all I have just review a 3 subject for today. And it was amazing.HaHa.
Tomorrow is going to be a hell day.

PS: God, please gave me the answers for the exam. I really want to be passed. Ü
PS: You're gonna eat you're babies. HaHaHa. Watch this video. You'll going to laugh your head out.

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