Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I woke up this morning, feeling very sleep.

I don't know why. It's raining. I woke up 6:10.

I alarmed my phone at 5:45. But I am too lazy to stand up.

What the heck. I'm gonna be late.

I stood up hurriedly.

I shall move fast.

Yeah, I am late for today.

But I was born under a lucky star.

We don't have our Mapeh for today. Yehey!

At TLE, we should finished our project proposal.

Darn. I'm not finished yet.

We don't have our English class for today.

I hate our lesson in Chemistry.

It really drives me crazy.

What the f***. Reduction. Oxidation.

But anyway, it's fun solving those chemical stuff. HaHa.

My mom and her friends dropped by in our school.

To invite the old teachers and mentors of my sister for in

a small party that will be held in our house after Graduation Day.

HaHa. Me and Eunice were unable to attend our last class.

Ma'am Suyo will understand that. And she's invited.

PS: I wanna kill Jethro and Argghie for being so rude for today. I wanna slit their throat. That Argghie (walang hiwa) and that Jethro (baboy). HaHaHa. Their totally rude. But their ugly. HaHaHa.

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