Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada.

I woke up early this morning.

I got up from bed my sister is still sleeping.
I saw my mom outside having a hot coffee in our porch.
My brother is playing outside with his friends.
I joined my mom and have a litte talk with her. HaHa.

My mom was planning to have a shopping bond with us this afternoon.
So after lunch, my mom, me and together with my sister, we all went to mall to have a little shopping spree. We bought some materials needed for our new house in our province and stuffs for the wedding.

First Stop. Department Store. Cosmetics Section. HaHa.
We bought some make-up and foundation a liquid foundation for best results. HaHa.
A mascara and liquid eyeliner. And Nail Polish!! woohooh. My favorite.

Second Stop. Department Store. Home && Living Section.
We bought some tablecloth. HaHa.

Third stop. Shoe Section. I love it.
My mom bought me a pair of shoes. A red one.
And oh my God. It's totally cute. And I really like the cute heels and the hot color. Great.
Thanks mom. I love you!
We also bought pantyhose. HaHa

Fourth Spot. Abenson.
We bought a stove for our house in province. And blah.blah.blah.

Fifth and Final Spot. Food Section. HenLin.
We ate because we are totally hungry. And we are craving for siomai and mami. HaHa.
We are full. And the food is really great. Delicious.

And finally we went home.

PS: I wanna kill that damn girl sitting beside me inside the jeepney. She's totally stupid. I wanna stabbed her to death.

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