Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spaghettiiiii. yumyum.

Today i went to school sooo early. As in very early. 5 minutes before 7:00. hahahaha. When i arrived in our classroom, all my classmates were busy reviewing. Oh no, it's going to be a hell morning for me. Our unit test in MAPEH will be conducted. I'm dead. I didn't review. Last night i just surf the net and play moshi. That's all i did. Reviewing is a very stupid thing for me. hahaha. i don't know why. You know what playing this online virtual monsters just drives me soooo crazy. I'm realy addicted playing this moshi monster. hahaha. It's totally fun. But i had karma sooo early. Bad luck. Anyway, there's no turning back. I must faced it. We went into our MAPEH and we waited for sooooo soooo long. And there's this teacher who told us that Sir Co is not around. Wooohooo. I told you i was born under a lucky star. hahaha. We went back into our room. We had continued working in our project proposal in TLE. Argghhh.. i'm not yet finished and i'm really lazy to do it. Anyway, we just hang around until our next class came. We had our reporting in our Social Studies. I'm one of the reporter. I'm not prepared at all. I'm used to it. And i'm good in time crisis. haha. But i did very well in my reporting, in fact Ma'am Romanes really liked how i reported. haha. good job:) I went home to have my lunch. I'm really hungry. I did some online gaming again and againn..I did play moshi again during our lunch time. I'm late but we have no classes in Research. It's kuya Marlon's birthday anyway. haha. Today happened the expect the unepected event in my life. Kuya Jethro put up a conversation with me. He just wanted everything to be settled down. We made some recoliation stuff like that. Were okay now. We ate kuya Marlon's spaghetti. Woohooh. yumyum.

haha. cookie having the spaghetti with her bare hands.

eeww.haha. nice shot:) i took that shot:)

Were very hungry. totally hungry:) The spagetti tastes really great. delicious:o After eating like were going to send at a riverstate penitentiary we all get tired. haha:)

shot taken by me. after eating, kuya marlon and arielle
had some serious jamming. whoot. super full. haha:)

wheew. look. it's really messy. after eating, our

floor turned into a disaster. (that's my shoesiiz)haha:)

ate em is feeling really hot. she just made

her skirt look short.haha:)

cookie felt really hot too and she even made took

off her jogging pants. while sweeping our disaster floor. haha:)

PS: Oh no. I felt really bad. I lied to him. huhu.

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