Friday, March 13, 2009

Art. Exhibit.

My mom woke me up so late.

It's already 6:30 in the morning. So i got up from bed and hurriedly took a bath, i ate my breakfast. Another sunny side up egg. whew. took my vitamins. At 6:50 a.m i went on.
I arrived at 7:10 a.m. I thought I am too early but I was late. HaHa. I was late for our first class.
Values. Boring. We had an exam. Too bad I didn't review. Damn. Thank goodness it was only a
post-test examination. HaHa.

After answering the exam. We checked our papers. And pufft. I got the same score. HaHa. No changes at all. Stupid. HaHa. Anyway, I had fun answering the test. Cool.

Today, I wanna kill April for being late. She didn't took the exam. I went home to eat my lunch. I leaved really early because of this damn variety show of Artista. f***. I called April. And from the other line she's still like having those morning glory. HaHa. I told her to come. She said okay. I leaved our house at 11:30. I went to school and arrived at 12:00. The actresses were busy preparing for the play. And we went to gym. And we started watching the variety show. The time is now 2:00 Sarah, Me, and Eunice went back into our room just to check if April is sitting and waiting there. No apparition of April.

The Variety already finished at 3:00. We all went back into our room. But then, no apparition of April. Ate Em taught me to play the flute. And telling you the truth. I really suck using that instrument. Stupid. HaHa. We stayed at our tambayan for an hour. And we had fun. Anyway, today we all like very tired but we actually didn't feel it, except for the fact that it was totally hot. The variety show was not that bad. Watching in a very crowded place and hot and messy gym. I felt really like I was going to puke. But eventually, it's fun watching that variety show.

PS: April I wana kill you. Where the hell have you been??

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