Monday, March 16, 2009

Get One Whole Sheet.

I alarmed my phone at 5:45.

I was half awakened. I thought it was already 7:00.
I was wrong. My cellphone didn't alarmed yet.
I went back to sleep. Just a second, my phone had beeped.
I stood up. My mom is already awake. She's doing some stuff.
I should move fast. I don't want to be late for our flag ceremony.

I went to the bathroom. I took a bath. And embraced a very cold water.
Wheww. Nice one. I felt my nose is really itchy. I have cold after taking a bath.
I changed into my complete uniform. And ate my breakfast.
My mom prepared my vitamins and I leaved the house at 6:25.

I hurriedly walk and waited for a jeepney. There is no traffic. Yahoo.
I arrived at school at 6:35. There is no flag ceremony. Damn. I woke up so very early for that flag ceremony but unfortunately, there's no flag ceremony. What the f***.
We went into our first class MAPEH. We have our Unit Test for today.
We were very nervous. Luckily, Sir Co is absent for today. HaHa.

We went back into our room to prepare for our next subject.
8:00 we went into our second class. TLE.
I don't wear footsocks for today. HaHa.
Thank God no apparition of Ma'am Perey.
We were so shocked. There's a surprise examination in TLE. What the f***.
Ma'am Videña told us to use a one whole sheet.
None of us brought a paper. Were dead.

The funny thing is, Ma'am Videña looks like she's going to cry.
Beacause we don't have any paper. She ordered one of our classmates to went back into our room to get a whole pad paper.
Really funny. What a facial expression she has.
Luckily, We finished the test even though our answers were not sure.

We went back into our room. We don't have our English subject.
We all just review for the test in Social Studies.
10:00 Ma'am Romanes came. We have our exam.
We were very nevous taking up the exam.
The test is really easy but maybe because of nervousness we all went black out.
But luckily, we all have high scores.
I got 44 out of 50 items. Woohooh.

PS: I thank you God for having me this score. Thank you for giving me the answers.
PS: Please make Ma'am Videña happy and please let her stay healthy and looks young. HaHa.

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