Monday, March 16, 2009

Get One Whole Sheet.PART 2

This is the coninuation of my story...
I didn't finished it because it so happened that brown out came at the event.
And it is made to ruined everything.
Anyway, yesterday 3 Lavoisier were very lucky.
Yes, we are born under a lucky star. HaHa.

This afternoon, after having lunch, I went back to school they were having fun.
We have no class in Research. Woohooh:)

We waited for our next class.

Eventually, no advance biology for today. It's under observation. HaHa.
Next class. Filipino. No class. I thought Ma'am Legaspi is too lazy to satand up because she's so mabigat. HaHa.

The highlight of the day. Math. Supposed to be we have our Unit test in Math for today. Ma'am Gonzales, decided that the exam will be tomorrow and gave us a very shocking surprise:(Tomorrow is the exam, open everything). She's super mabait.
So after hearing that super dooper news. We are all screaming and laughing really loud like a retard children. Wahaha.
Anyway, Mommy Suyo is super dooper mabait and cool. She let us hang around and have fun. HaHa.

Me, with my hun. (Princess of Yesterday) it's Veca's

pillow. nyarr..

Us again. Hun Snobbish:)

HaHa. It's Cleio. attempting to walk after

having a very very nice twirl. It drives me crazy. HaHa.

Anyway, we headed back into our classroom. Mommy Suyo was there

having a meeting with my classmates they were talking about the outing.

ssshhh. Ma'am Suyo is busy reading Candy.

Haha. The cover girl? It's Hillary Duff.

Ma'am is really kikay you know. HaHa.

HaHa. Ma'am Suyo is really focused.

I wonder what article she's reading.


PS: Ma'am Suyo you're not paying attention. Nothing happened in our meeting. Your'e really focused on reading Candy Mag. Aha. I knew it. You're a Hillary Duff die hard fan. Woohooh. Ma'am we can be girlfriends!!HaHa.

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