Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spaghettiiiii. yumyum.

Today i went to school sooo early. As in very early. 5 minutes before 7:00. hahahaha. When i arrived in our classroom, all my classmates were busy reviewing. Oh no, it's going to be a hell morning for me. Our unit test in MAPEH will be conducted. I'm dead. I didn't review. Last night i just surf the net and play moshi. That's all i did. Reviewing is a very stupid thing for me. hahaha. i don't know why. You know what playing this online virtual monsters just drives me soooo crazy. I'm realy addicted playing this moshi monster. hahaha. It's totally fun. But i had karma sooo early. Bad luck. Anyway, there's no turning back. I must faced it. We went into our MAPEH and we waited for sooooo soooo long. And there's this teacher who told us that Sir Co is not around. Wooohooo. I told you i was born under a lucky star. hahaha. We went back into our room. We had continued working in our project proposal in TLE. Argghhh.. i'm not yet finished and i'm really lazy to do it. Anyway, we just hang around until our next class came. We had our reporting in our Social Studies. I'm one of the reporter. I'm not prepared at all. I'm used to it. And i'm good in time crisis. haha. But i did very well in my reporting, in fact Ma'am Romanes really liked how i reported. haha. good job:) I went home to have my lunch. I'm really hungry. I did some online gaming again and againn..I did play moshi again during our lunch time. I'm late but we have no classes in Research. It's kuya Marlon's birthday anyway. haha. Today happened the expect the unepected event in my life. Kuya Jethro put up a conversation with me. He just wanted everything to be settled down. We made some recoliation stuff like that. Were okay now. We ate kuya Marlon's spaghetti. Woohooh. yumyum.

haha. cookie having the spaghetti with her bare hands.

eeww.haha. nice shot:) i took that shot:)

Were very hungry. totally hungry:) The spagetti tastes really great. delicious:o After eating like were going to send at a riverstate penitentiary we all get tired. haha:)

shot taken by me. after eating, kuya marlon and arielle
had some serious jamming. whoot. super full. haha:)

wheew. look. it's really messy. after eating, our

floor turned into a disaster. (that's my shoesiiz)haha:)

ate em is feeling really hot. she just made

her skirt look short.haha:)

cookie felt really hot too and she even made took

off her jogging pants. while sweeping our disaster floor. haha:)

PS: Oh no. I felt really bad. I lied to him. huhu.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I woke up this morning, feeling very sleep.

I don't know why. It's raining. I woke up 6:10.

I alarmed my phone at 5:45. But I am too lazy to stand up.

What the heck. I'm gonna be late.

I stood up hurriedly.

I shall move fast.

Yeah, I am late for today.

But I was born under a lucky star.

We don't have our Mapeh for today. Yehey!

At TLE, we should finished our project proposal.

Darn. I'm not finished yet.

We don't have our English class for today.

I hate our lesson in Chemistry.

It really drives me crazy.

What the f***. Reduction. Oxidation.

But anyway, it's fun solving those chemical stuff. HaHa.

My mom and her friends dropped by in our school.

To invite the old teachers and mentors of my sister for in

a small party that will be held in our house after Graduation Day.

HaHa. Me and Eunice were unable to attend our last class.

Ma'am Suyo will understand that. And she's invited.

PS: I wanna kill Jethro and Argghie for being so rude for today. I wanna slit their throat. That Argghie (walang hiwa) and that Jethro (baboy). HaHaHa. Their totally rude. But their ugly. HaHaHa.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Get One Whole Sheet.

I alarmed my phone at 5:45.

I was half awakened. I thought it was already 7:00.
I was wrong. My cellphone didn't alarmed yet.
I went back to sleep. Just a second, my phone had beeped.
I stood up. My mom is already awake. She's doing some stuff.
I should move fast. I don't want to be late for our flag ceremony.

I went to the bathroom. I took a bath. And embraced a very cold water.
Wheww. Nice one. I felt my nose is really itchy. I have cold after taking a bath.
I changed into my complete uniform. And ate my breakfast.
My mom prepared my vitamins and I leaved the house at 6:25.

I hurriedly walk and waited for a jeepney. There is no traffic. Yahoo.
I arrived at school at 6:35. There is no flag ceremony. Damn. I woke up so very early for that flag ceremony but unfortunately, there's no flag ceremony. What the f***.
We went into our first class MAPEH. We have our Unit Test for today.
We were very nervous. Luckily, Sir Co is absent for today. HaHa.

We went back into our room to prepare for our next subject.
8:00 we went into our second class. TLE.
I don't wear footsocks for today. HaHa.
Thank God no apparition of Ma'am Perey.
We were so shocked. There's a surprise examination in TLE. What the f***.
Ma'am Videña told us to use a one whole sheet.
None of us brought a paper. Were dead.

The funny thing is, Ma'am Videña looks like she's going to cry.
Beacause we don't have any paper. She ordered one of our classmates to went back into our room to get a whole pad paper.
Really funny. What a facial expression she has.
Luckily, We finished the test even though our answers were not sure.

We went back into our room. We don't have our English subject.
We all just review for the test in Social Studies.
10:00 Ma'am Romanes came. We have our exam.
We were very nevous taking up the exam.
The test is really easy but maybe because of nervousness we all went black out.
But luckily, we all have high scores.
I got 44 out of 50 items. Woohooh.

PS: I thank you God for having me this score. Thank you for giving me the answers.
PS: Please make Ma'am Videña happy and please let her stay healthy and looks young. HaHa.

Get One Whole Sheet.PART 2

This is the coninuation of my story...
I didn't finished it because it so happened that brown out came at the event.
And it is made to ruined everything.
Anyway, yesterday 3 Lavoisier were very lucky.
Yes, we are born under a lucky star. HaHa.

This afternoon, after having lunch, I went back to school they were having fun.
We have no class in Research. Woohooh:)

We waited for our next class.

Eventually, no advance biology for today. It's under observation. HaHa.
Next class. Filipino. No class. I thought Ma'am Legaspi is too lazy to satand up because she's so mabigat. HaHa.

The highlight of the day. Math. Supposed to be we have our Unit test in Math for today. Ma'am Gonzales, decided that the exam will be tomorrow and gave us a very shocking surprise:(Tomorrow is the exam, open everything). She's super mabait.
So after hearing that super dooper news. We are all screaming and laughing really loud like a retard children. Wahaha.
Anyway, Mommy Suyo is super dooper mabait and cool. She let us hang around and have fun. HaHa.

Me, with my hun. (Princess of Yesterday) it's Veca's

pillow. nyarr..

Us again. Hun Snobbish:)

HaHa. It's Cleio. attempting to walk after

having a very very nice twirl. It drives me crazy. HaHa.

Anyway, we headed back into our classroom. Mommy Suyo was there

having a meeting with my classmates they were talking about the outing.

ssshhh. Ma'am Suyo is busy reading Candy.

Haha. The cover girl? It's Hillary Duff.

Ma'am is really kikay you know. HaHa.

HaHa. Ma'am Suyo is really focused.

I wonder what article she's reading.


PS: Ma'am Suyo you're not paying attention. Nothing happened in our meeting. Your'e really focused on reading Candy Mag. Aha. I knew it. You're a Hillary Duff die hard fan. Woohooh. Ma'am we can be girlfriends!!HaHa.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You're gonna eat you're babies.


I woke up early this morning.
At 8:00 a.m i am already wide awakened.
I went outside and sit in our porch.
I saw my mom having a cup of coffee.
Ate My is cooking breakfast while Ate Arlene is doing something.

When the breakfast is already set-up my mom told me to eat so that the food is hot as well.
I didn't eat a very full breakfast.
I'm used to it.
And I'm lazy to eat.
I'll just grab cereals and drank my milk.

After breakfast. I started to do my stuff.
I went upstairs to make my reviewer in Social for the Unit Test.
I went downstairs to continue doing it.
And time really passed so fast.
We have our lunch. And after a very late lunch, I continue doing my reviewer.
Finally I finished doing it.
I freshen up a little bit. Went upstairs and get ready for the review in MAPEH.
It's going to be our Unit Test in MAPEH for tomorrow.
At the middle of my brain washing. I felt sleepy.

I took a little nap. Time passed.
I woke up 3:00. I am very hungry.
I went downstairs. My sister and my brother were watching t.v.
I craved for a pandan salad.Yumyum.
After eating snack, I went back into my brain washing session.
At 4:00 I am finished reviewing.
I grabbed my guitar and started playing it just for relaxation.
At 5:00 I grabbed my math notebook and started reviewing my notes.
Kuya Nonoy came home this afternoon and bought pizza.
The pizza tastes really great. YumYum.

Honestly, I was totally exhausted. I feel like my brain is going to popped out.
My mind is totally tired of thinking and thinking and thinking.
But I have to do it. I have to review my lesson.
So all in all I have just review a 3 subject for today. And it was amazing.HaHa.
Tomorrow is going to be a hell day.

PS: God, please gave me the answers for the exam. I really want to be passed. Ü
PS: You're gonna eat you're babies. HaHaHa. Watch this video. You'll going to laugh your head out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada.

I woke up early this morning.

I got up from bed my sister is still sleeping.
I saw my mom outside having a hot coffee in our porch.
My brother is playing outside with his friends.
I joined my mom and have a litte talk with her. HaHa.

My mom was planning to have a shopping bond with us this afternoon.
So after lunch, my mom, me and together with my sister, we all went to mall to have a little shopping spree. We bought some materials needed for our new house in our province and stuffs for the wedding.

First Stop. Department Store. Cosmetics Section. HaHa.
We bought some make-up and foundation a liquid foundation for best results. HaHa.
A mascara and liquid eyeliner. And Nail Polish!! woohooh. My favorite.

Second Stop. Department Store. Home && Living Section.
We bought some tablecloth. HaHa.

Third stop. Shoe Section. I love it.
My mom bought me a pair of shoes. A red one.
And oh my God. It's totally cute. And I really like the cute heels and the hot color. Great.
Thanks mom. I love you!
We also bought pantyhose. HaHa

Fourth Spot. Abenson.
We bought a stove for our house in province. And blah.blah.blah.

Fifth and Final Spot. Food Section. HenLin.
We ate because we are totally hungry. And we are craving for siomai and mami. HaHa.
We are full. And the food is really great. Delicious.

And finally we went home.

PS: I wanna kill that damn girl sitting beside me inside the jeepney. She's totally stupid. I wanna stabbed her to death.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Art. Exhibit.

My mom woke me up so late.

It's already 6:30 in the morning. So i got up from bed and hurriedly took a bath, i ate my breakfast. Another sunny side up egg. whew. took my vitamins. At 6:50 a.m i went on.
I arrived at 7:10 a.m. I thought I am too early but I was late. HaHa. I was late for our first class.
Values. Boring. We had an exam. Too bad I didn't review. Damn. Thank goodness it was only a
post-test examination. HaHa.

After answering the exam. We checked our papers. And pufft. I got the same score. HaHa. No changes at all. Stupid. HaHa. Anyway, I had fun answering the test. Cool.

Today, I wanna kill April for being late. She didn't took the exam. I went home to eat my lunch. I leaved really early because of this damn variety show of Artista. f***. I called April. And from the other line she's still like having those morning glory. HaHa. I told her to come. She said okay. I leaved our house at 11:30. I went to school and arrived at 12:00. The actresses were busy preparing for the play. And we went to gym. And we started watching the variety show. The time is now 2:00 Sarah, Me, and Eunice went back into our room just to check if April is sitting and waiting there. No apparition of April.

The Variety already finished at 3:00. We all went back into our room. But then, no apparition of April. Ate Em taught me to play the flute. And telling you the truth. I really suck using that instrument. Stupid. HaHa. We stayed at our tambayan for an hour. And we had fun. Anyway, today we all like very tired but we actually didn't feel it, except for the fact that it was totally hot. The variety show was not that bad. Watching in a very crowded place and hot and messy gym. I felt really like I was going to puke. But eventually, it's fun watching that variety show.

PS: April I wana kill you. Where the hell have you been??